6550 vacuum tube data sheet

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6550 vacuum tube data sheet

Tri- alloy plate material for maximum power and dissipation. Qty: * Click sheet to read more:. Tube Data Sheet Locator. Pete Millet: Peter Millett' s online tube data. Bill Beech' s online tube data from mostly RCA manuals. Uses a special high temperature leaded glass for reliability and superior vacuum integrity. a 00a 00a 00a 00a 00a 01a 01a 01a sheet 01a 01a 01a 0a2 0a2 Electron tube Type: Brand: System: Data sheet; 6441 VacuumTubeProducts 6440.
electron Tube Data sheets - Type index. best features of the 6550 is the tube' s long lifecharacteristic, which will grant the user fewer tube changes over the years. pdfbytes) 6443 STC/ Brimar. 43 g2 g3 Type Base Number of Pins Heater Requirements. Offers great power handling capacity & heat dissipation. The KT88 is stronger than a 6550 so watt versions to 50 watts with data the KT88S , ran from the 32 42+ watts with the KT88SV. 6550 vacuum tube data sheet. Fine data beam power audio amplifier tubes manufacured by various manufacturers.

The Electro- Harmonix 6550 EH Power Vacuum Tube is the perfect match for the Tung- sheet Sol original. 6550 vacuum tube data sheet. pdfbytes= ML6442) Machlett Laboratories t~ data 6442. Rugged beam data tetrode power tube used in Ampeg SVT Sunn, vacuum hi- fi data amplifiers. TELEFUNKEN vacuum tubes have been the benchmark of excellence in all audio applications, both production. View Data Sheets; $ 15. It is intended for audio frequency power amplification service in either pentode triode connection , single , ultralinear push- pull/ parallel.

6550 Various manufacturer, USA, Power, Audio Pentode. select the first character of the tube. The KT66 is thought of as a 25 watt tube but also carried a 30 watt " maximum" rating on some sheets. Warning: Substitutes are given as a guide only - please refer to original manufacturers data sheets to ensure that a substitute is safe and appropriate for your application. Special high- temperature leaded glass for reliability and vacuum integrity. It can be used in vacuum place of 6550 tubes. The first nuvistor to be produced by RCA was the 7586. Browse vacuum products from the Vacuum Tubes category.

Electro- Harmonix 6550 Vacuum Tube. Boxes are vacuum standard yellow and green printed AMPEREX A NORTH AMERICAN PHILIPS COMPANY 6550 ELECTRON TUBE. A nuvistor is a miniature vacuum tube in a thimble sized metal case. Country: England: Type: Vacuum data tubes. 6SSO- TK TUBE DATA SHEET Mechanical vacuum TELE FUN KEN max.

pdfbytes) 6442 General Electric t~ 6442. 6550 Beam Power Tetrode: 6550A: 7AC - General Electric 1972: 6550: 7AC - RCA 1975 : 6550C: 7AC. Refer to the data sheets above for exact figures. The 6550s sheet ran from 35 so watts to 42 so. SVETLANA TECHNICAL sheet DATA EL34/ 6CA7 High Performance Audio Power Pentode vacuum he Svetlana™ EL34 is a glass envelope power pentode having a plate dissipation rating of 25 Watts with convection cooling.

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Nobsound 8- Pin Dual Bias Current Probes Tester Meter for EL34 KT88 6L6 6V6 6550 Vacuum Tube Amp Amplifier ( 2Meter + 2CT1- C, Cathode Current). KTBB- TK TUBE DATA SHEET Mechanical Type Base. it became competition for the American- made 6550, but with the ability to handle a. BLACK DIAMOND SERIES VACUUM TUBES.

6550 vacuum tube data sheet

the 6550 is a beam pentode power amplifier primarily designed for audio service. class al audio amplifier- single tube plate voltage; dc grid 2 voltage, dc grid voltage, dc peak signal voltage zerŒsignal plate current, dc max. - signal plate current, dc.